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Photo lover and art collector I sell my photography directly to you. In small numbered and limited editions with a maximum number of prints in different formats. In the Hens and Roosters series a maximum of 19 and in the Water Portraits and Flower Portraits series a maximum of 14. In this way, the artwork you buy is special and unique for your art collection.

You may be wondering whether Alex ten Napel's photography really belongs to the art category. After all, you don't buy it in an art gallery, at an art fair, or an internet art platform. His work is not recommended to you by the gallery owner or by a team of curators. However, I have been associated with various galleries in the Netherlands and abroad for years. The Pobeda gallery in Moscow, Cook Fine Art in New York, Pfundt in Berlin, Wave Gallery in Brescia, Eduard Plantscing Fine Art Gallery, Fotogalerie Utrecht and Ton Peek in the Netherlands. My work has been shown many times at national andsdsddddvd international art fairs. At Paris Photo, Miami Photo, the KunstRAI, art fairs REALISME, Rotterdam Comtemporary and more. My works have been nominated for the photographic portrait prize of the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Prix Photographique BMW-Paris Photo. It is included in private collections, including the Caldic Collection of Joop Caldenborgh, founder of Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar. But galleries and art fairs come and go. However, my work will always exist. A gallery is not the only thing that gives you certainty when buying art. I sell my work directly to you. You can also see very well and judge whether it is art. I recommend you visit my biography page to see where and when my works have been exhibited and published in recent years. If you want to see the works or prints yourself, you can make a viewing appointment.


I will explain to you the procedure I follow to guarantee the authenticity of the artwork. I ship the print with a signed certificate of authenticity and a signed sticker that you attach to the back of the framed print. I send the certificate and sticker separately from the print and together with the print they guarantee the authenticity of the artwork from the series. In addition, the fine art print, the label and the certificate are linked to a unique issue number per print. I will send you this unique issue number by email and include it in the invoice with the printout.

From 2023 I will no longer deliver Fine Art Prints without a signed sticker, signed statement, mail and signed invoice with unique code. This way you know that the print is a Fine Art Photography Print by Alex ten Napel Fine Art Photography Amsterdam and an edition edition from the series Hens and Roosters, Water Portraits or Portraits of Flowers. I don't sign the prints as others might do because I don't like it, it's not a custom in the Netherlands and the signature unnecessarily affects the image. The portraits on the website have a low resolution to prevent copying and to make the website work properly. However, the fine art prints have the incredible image power of high resolution images. And because of the sharpness, detail and color in the small and large formats, an unprecedented visual language.

I develop the digital images myself, the printing and assessment of the fine art print are also done by myself. This way I have everything in my own hands and only prints that have been approved by me leave my studio.



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