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When I built my studio in a chicken coop I entered a new world.
I saw hens and roosters dressed in beautiful feathers with a wide variety of colors and patterns. The birds walk gracefully like models on a catwalk and move acrobatically like gymnasts. I was immediately captivated by these little creatures and started the Hens and Roosters series. Read more ...

Since I began , photos from the series  have been widely published in newspapers and magazines, and prints have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs. Read exhibitions ... , biography ... , press and reviews ... to learn more.
Portraits of Hens and Roosters are for sale in 3 limited editions, in different sizes and limited numbers. The price is for one fine art print, or one artwork. I only sell framed artworks in the Netherlands. Framed works are too fragile to ship in Europe, or worldwide. You can have the print framed at your local professional frame maker and I can help you with the options available to have your print beautifully framed. Shipping is free. Read more ... here about purchasing my work.
To guarantee the authenticity of the artwork the print comes with a certificate of authenticity and a sticker to attach to the back of the framed print.
Sticker and certificate states the title, year, edition, number, size and technique and is signed by me.
Certificate and sticker will be sent separately from the print. Together they guarantee the authenticity of the artwork as a registered fine art photography edition print from Alex ten Napel Fine Art Photography in Amsterdam.
The portraits on the website have a low resolution to make the website work smoothly and prevent copying. However, the fine art prints have the incredible visual power of a high resolution image and an unprecedented splendor due to a beautiful sharpness, detail and color in the small, and large formats.
I develop, print and control the fine art print for quality and sell only prints that have been approved by me.
The fine art prints are printed on Premium Lustre Photo Paper 260 grms with Ultra Chrome K3 ink by Epson. Paper and ink produces excellent prints of supreme quality, unprecedented longevity and durability.
To get an idea how framed prints from the Hens and Roosters series look on the wall look here ... , and see photo's made by clients with their smartphone.



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